Karakovan Honey ( 1 KG )

Karakovan Honey ( 1 KG )
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How to get Karakovan Honey,


Karakovan is a hard work since the preparation of the hive before the production of the honey, Hives are prepared in 2 shapes. 1. branches of trees such as poplar, hornbeam are knitted in the form of a cylinder like a basket, or they are carved directly by the logs of linden or chestnut trees. The rear portion of these cylinders is preferably open or closed. There is a cover that allows the bees to get in and out. The most important aspect of Karakovan is that during the production of honey, the inside of the hive is constantly dark.


Karakovan honey is made entirely by bees in a light-free environment without touching human hands.


The son is placed in the prepared hives, where they form the honeycombs themselves organically without the use of wax.


What are the Benefits of Karakovan Honey?


In cultivated areas, it has all kinds of microbial destructive properties with its characteristic "balaclava honey". It strengthens the immune system.

High antioxidant level provides protection against cancer, heart and vascular diseases.

It is very important for eye health. It has proven to have removed eye infections in the middle.

Influenza is among the benefits that provide protection against throat infections and proven healing.

Another proven benefit is the removal of the country altogether.

Karakovan honey  is also very important for healthy skin. The skin gives beauty, strength and vitality. Stop hair loss.

It strengthens the midday.

It opens the appetite, gives strength and strength to the body.

It removes constipation.

It helps to weaken with a feeling of satiety.

It cuts off sputum, cuts off coughing.

Cleans the liver and chest.

It ensures that metabolism works properly.

It lowers cholesterol.

It cuts the diarrhea.

It is all-natural for asthma.

It has a relaxing effect on the nervous system.

It improves prostate disease.

It treats psoriasis.

Hepatitis B, hepatitis C, jaundice.

It is a good source of energy for the athletes.

It opens and cleans the veins. It is a good heir.

It removes anemia from the middle.

Pain is an effective medication for burns.

It is a diuretic.

Increases sexual performance.


Which regions do the best Karakovan honey  grow in?


Artvin province in the Black Sea Region, Malatya-Pütürge region in the Eastern Anatolia Region, Bitlis-Hizan region, Siirt-Pervari, Hakkari-Yüksekova regions are the best Karakovan place in the country !

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