Natural Apricot ( 1 KG )

Natural Apricot ( 1 KG )
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How to make The Best  Apricot?


Apricot tree grows in Malatya region. It is dried in the sun before it is taken in the branch and exposed to chemical processing. It is very sensitive with its naturalness and it is preferred to use a cool area to prevent the glacier. As such it is like a refrigerator. Organic day dryers are preferred both in nature and in high nutrient and fiber value.


It contains A, C vitamins and iron, phosphorus, potassium, calcium minerals. It is usually preferred as a snack for weight loss diets. It is stated that if you eat before meal it cold effective in eliminating indigestion. The presence of cellulose and pectic in the body seems to be particularly effective in regulating the digestive tract. Especially in the morning before breakfast and 2/3 days are expected to be removed


The benefits of the apricot:


In the regulation of the digestive system,


In resolving the absurdity,


In heart health,


In eye health,


In providing a feeling of satiety,


With the support of weight loss diets,


In eliminating the cancer,


With the support of the immune system,


In muscle development,


In bone health,


In the regulation of cholesterol,


It has been mentioned that it is effective in skin and hair health.


The Best natural and organic medicine ! 

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