Grape Pestil ( 1 KG )

Grape Pestil ( 1 KG )
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The Preparation of Mulberry honey 


The maturing mulberries are shaken from the tree (laying out of the tree) on the insolence cloth (cloth) held by four people by their corners and put into the boilers.


Put the water in the water until it is closed and boil it until it leaves its seeds. After boiling molasses is filtered and rested, it is put into the boiler again and boiled until a few boiling points are reached and placed in wide-bottomed containers and left in the sun for 4/5 days.


After sunbathing, it is filtered again and taken to the containers to be stored.


It is seen that mulberry molasses from healthy foods is very beneficial for human health.


Mulberry honey  Benefits


When it is defeated regularly it helps to urinate.

It helps strengthen the midday.

Helps relieve bronchitis and cough.

Helps to remove chest pain.

Weight gain is also regulated

It helps blood.

Milking helps to increase milk in mothers.

It does not contain caffeine.

High vitamins and minerals found in the structure have very positive effects on teeth and gums.

It helps ailment.

It helps the body in ulcer disease, especially in stomach diseases ..

Helps in asthma and bronchitis.

It helps increase body resistance against cold.

It's an energy store for the athletes.

Helps babies grow and develop.

Help kids improve their intelligence !

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